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Valarie & Karl — Minted
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Valarie and Karl

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Our Story

Valarie Wong and Karl Williams met in 2016 at a reggae event at Karl's restaurant Solomon and Kuff Rum Hall. The couple's shared love of music and all things Caribbean made the sparks fly. Following that encounter, Karl found Valarie on social media and asked her to their first date, at a quaint little bar in the lower east side of Manhattan. When Karl called Valarie to set a second date, Valarie shared the news of the unexpected loss of her Father. Although they barely knew each other, Karl kept in contact with Valarie and became a source of comfort, strength, and They've fought through so many ups and downs- even surviving a pandemic. No matter what life brings, they know they can get through it together- two is always better than one. Karl proposed the night before Mother's Day, at the same quaint little bar the couple went to for their first date. The pair shares a beautiful baby boy, their little Rockstar: Stone Valentín Williams.


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